Newly Redesigned with SawTooth™ Points. Best-in-class, load-tested fasteners : Strong-Drive structural fasteners are engineered and extensively tested to efficiently meet your most demanding wood and metal applications. Stronger can also be faster. The Strong Drive family is designed to install easier than other fastening methods,. Structural Fasteners and Galvanized Structural Bolts. Most fasteners that are considered structural are quenched and tempered steel heavy hex structural bolts having a minimal tensile strength of 120 ksi for use in structural connections. These herepliant with the standards from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC),. Structural Bolts. Structural bolts are specifically designed for use with heavy hex nuts in the connection of structural members (as opposed to tapped holes). The nuts for structural connections shall conform to ASTM A563 or ASTM A194. The following chart will assist in proper structural nut selection.

Structural Fasteners Catered to the Construction Industry, Erectors and Steel Fabricators Wrth provides extensive experience and expertise herees to supplying the construction industry. Rivets, Nuts and Washers for use with Structural Steel. Structural Fasteners are strong heavy-duty fasteners that are typically used for creating structures through steel to steel structural connections such as buildings and bridges. They are often applied alongside other structural fasteners to metal beams and girders. A325, A563. RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw. The CEE thread also reduces the friction on the screw shank which can result in lowering the driving torque and the likelihood of splitting the wood. This is why the RSS screw is an efficient lag screw alternative. Our round head with built-in shield (washer type head) has no sharp edges like conventional lag screws.

A325 Structural Bolts . A325 Tension Control Bolt Sets. A490 Tension Control Bolt Sets. Heavy Hex Nut - Grade 2H. Heavy Hex Nut - Grade DH. Heavy Hex Nut - Grade C. How can we help you solve hereplex fastener needs? Give us a description of the parts(s) quantities, Structural Bolts , Anchor Bolts Weld Studs - Melted Manufactured in the USA Heavy hex head structural bolts from Grainger help you secure steel-to-steel structural connections. These rugged heree in galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, yellow zinc and plain finishes. Choose the thread size, thread length and overall length you need from a selection that numbers more than 1,000 pieces.